shop small & spooky this halloween

shop small & spooky this halloween

As the spooky season starts, Halloween lovers around the country start emerging from their coffins to prowl the aisles of stores like HomeGoods, Michael’s, and Target to hunt for the newest Halloween goodies. I’m a big fan of Halloween hunting, but I’m also passionate about shopping small and supporting independent makers year round. I get a lot of questions about my personal favorite shops, so I wanted to share some of the small businesses that I have (or will be) shopping with for all my spooky needs!

Fashion & Accessories

Jenny Machete Harnesses, belts, faux leather accessories

Em & Sprout Spooky-cute shirts, slippers, jewelry and more

Strange Cvlt Halloween-inspired shoes

Reb’s Rainbowhaus Over-sized acrylic earrings & accessories

Lively Ghosts Spooky collars & more

Foxblood Goth/dark fashion of all types

Vixen / La Femme En Noir Vintage-inspired fashion – Vixen does a Halloween collection and spooky collabs, La Femme is year-round gothic glamor

The Beheaded Creative hats and bags

Evercrumbly & Witch Fashionable witch hats

Néant Glass Stained glass accessories

Homewares & Art

Wax Moon Shop Pillows, blankets, etc.

Misfit Menagerie Whimsical art pieces

Kalma Curated vintage and indie death positive goods

Little Spooky Studio Art and stationery

Mary Syring Art Art prints

Rhode Montijo Art and accessories

Caitlin McCarthy Art Art prints

Bath & Beauty

Girl in the Graveyard Colorful bath products – try the sugar scrub!

Seance Perfumes Indie fragrance and accessories

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid lipstick in alternative colors

Baby Bat Beauty Eyeshadow, lashes, lipstick, etc.

The Parlor Company Indie fragrance and beauty products

This is definitely not a comprehensive list of spooky small businesses, or even of all of the ones I shop at, but I tried to highlight some of my particular favorites. I’m sure I’ll be popping back in occasionally to add someone that somehow slipped my mind in the initial list! Feel free to share some of yours – I’m always looking for cool new places to shop!

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