31 days of halloween 2021

31 days of halloween 2021

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been an ENTIRE WEEK since Halloween! This year, I took another stab at doing 31 days of Halloween outfits and/or costumes, one for each day of the most magical month of the year. Although I didn’t hit all 31 days this year, having that creative challenge in my head definitely helped inspire me to play more dress-up. Let’s take a look!

OK I’m technically cheating with ONE extra outfit this year, but it was only while doing this round-up that I realized I only took photos in my HANDMADE HALLOWEEEN DRESS at the end of September?? Which simply will not do! I started off October making sure I wore some of my favorite pieces (like my Vixen Maneater Swing & this Steady Clothing plaid skirt that serves me well all month long!), and did some creative makeup. Though not much of an outfit, this week was especially great because I was able to get my booster shot. The shirt is from a blood drive and says “Starve a Vampire, Donate Blood” which I find hilarious. I even got to wander through the wild woods with Alexandra Nicole Photography to do a witchy photoshoot. (You can see the full shoot on Patreon!)

Next up, we had a few more makeup-focused looks, including a muchhh awaited addition to my costume collections: vampire fangs! Based on pretty much universal advice from cosplayers/costumers, I finally treated myself to a set of Scarecrow fangs. If you’re wondering if I wore my fangs around the house just for fun, well…the fact that you suspect it makes the answer pretty clear! I also got to have another fall photo session with F4t Daddy Photos on a day that was much hotter than the final photos reveal.

The name of the game this year was definitely “cozy sweaters.” I acquired…quite a few new sweaters this year in a variety of styles, but my need for comfiness was at maximum. But I still got extra cute to go apple picking and pulled out some of the more Extra looks for my bat & pastel witch fits.

There’s that sweater I mentioned again! This weekend was the time I finally worked up the courage to try my new Mehron body paints! I had a few other painted looks I was hoping to do before the end of the season, but I just never ended up finding the time/energy. Look forward to some year-round face paint Lewks!

And finally Halloween weekend was upon us! I did use some more body paint for this re-take of the cobweb makeup I tried earlier in the month, as well as for my cute little fall fairy freckles. I got one last package of Halloween earrings and I did my best to wear them all before the end of the month…I only missed one pair! A dear friend came down to visit for Halloween weekend, so I had a cozy weekend filled with friends and shenanigans. We played Mario Party, ate pizza, played a spooky collaborative storytelling TTRPG, and on Halloween morning I hosted a spooky brunch as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Gal. I absolutely have been planning this costume since I initially saw the Ghostbusters line preview. I actually really love how I look in this white wig, though! There will 100% be Christmas-themed looks with her too.

And that’s my 31 Days of Halloween 2022! I ended up with 25 captured outfits (+1 from September), though I promise I was definitely wearing those Halloween leggings and other snuggly sweaters while out and about or running errands. For another month where I…quite rarely left the house, I’m proud of how many looks I completed. If you missed it, spooky fashion and Halloween-themed outfits was one of the topics Midge & I covered on Ghouls Night In. Give it a listen!

Although I’ll miss the fun challenge of finding new ways to rock Halloween style all day erry day, you’ll definitely see plenty of these “spooky season” pieces popping up throughout the year. Halloween is every day!

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