spooky summer & q2 check-in

spooky summer & q2 check-in

Please consider this your quarterly update from Penny Snark Industries. There’s been so much going on this spring/summer and so much still on the way! You’ll even see a few small updates to this blog if you check out the homepage – and this site can now ALSO be found at PennySnark.com. (Which will hopefully save me from spelling/explaining Sconnie every time I try to share it… 😅)

There’s a lot, so let’s jump into it!


I spent the month of May moving out of the one bedroom apartment I lived in for 6 years and into an updated historic duplex where I have so much more space. I’m ALMOST entirely unpacked, and I’m so looking forward to properly decorating. I’ve achieved my dream of having a closet room/dressing room which is coming along very nicely, AND I’ll be setting up a sewing studio in the finished attic that I hope will help me devote more time to my sewing projects. So far I’m really loving the new space and am very charmed by my new neighborhood (I’m only about 15 minutes away from where I was living before, so I’m still close to friends/family/favorite restaurants haha.) Stay tuned for a look inside once all the boxes are cleared away and there are things on the walls! (If you’d like to see what we’re starting with, I have an empty apartment tour available now to supporters on Patreon.)


The Ghouls Night In podcast is still going strong! Midge & I recently celebrated two big milestones: our 40th episode and 15,000 downloads! It’s been so much fun chatting with her every week about horror icons, beloved movies & tv shows, and just plain weird stuff. This has been the creative project that I’ve been most passionate & energized by this year…as you can tell, I haven’t been around the blog as much, but you can find me every week on the pod! I’m a big nerd, so I love picking out a topic like taxidermy or arsenic and finding delightfully bizarre facts and stories to share, and it’s been really cool to experiment in a new medium. Any of my real life friends will confirm that I love to talk…


My best friend got MARRIED! It was an absolutely lovely weekend – I was so happy to be maid of honor and stand up for this amazing lady and her new husband. I only cried a little during my speech, which I’m counting as a win since I almost started crying while we were all getting our hair done. This whole process was a reminder of how important friendships are & how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. (Am I going to cry right now?? MAYBE.)

Up Next: Midsummer Scream

Were you wondering what was making my summer spooky? I am so excited to be heading to Midsummer Scream at the end of July! (During my birthday!) This is my first big Halloween event, and I’ll be attending with my fabulous friend & podcast co-ghost Midge Munster and my partner in hodag hunting, Spooky Little Halloween. I’m so excited to meet other spooky friends like Sips & Spirits, All Hallows Geek, and Your Best Halloween Ever in person, see some incredible guests, do some shopping, and hit the dance floor. I’ll be extending my trip on either side to visit LA and Disneyland while I’m there – I’m nervous about my first time traveling in the pandemic times, but it also feels kind of poetic for my first big trip to be back to LA for weird stuff, since my last adventure in 2019 was going to LA for the MCR reunion show. If you have recommendations for vintage or spooky stuff to do in LA/Long Beach, let me know! And definitely let me know if you’ll be at Midsummer Scream so I can look out for you!

I have a few plans and sewing projects in mind for Midsummer Scream, so fingers crossed that I can get the sewing room together soon (I had a damaged piece in my new sewing desk so I’m waiting on a replacement right now). I’m so ready for some Halloween in July! 🎃