ghouls night in podcast

ghouls night in podcast

It’s here!

Before I get into the chatty bits, I’m going straight to the point: I have a new podcast! I’m so excited to be collaborating with the fabulous Midge Munster on podcast that’s perfect for the Halloween season and for spooky folks year round: Ghouls Night In!

Ghouls Night In is one of those cozy chat shows with lots of stories and laughter between friends, but every episode, we dive into a different spooky topic! Our first three episodes are up now – you can find them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google, and hopefully anywhere you might listen to podcasts, or you can stream them right here, right now:

We’d love if you’d follow/subscribe/what have you, and you can also follow the podcast on Instagram @ghoulsnightinpod.

PHEW. OK, let’s get chatty.

Like any millennial, I’ve thought for a long time, “Wow, I should start a podcast.” I’ve always loved telling stories, and as much as I like to write those out, some are just better told out loud. There have been a few different concepts I’ve played with and tossed around with friends over the years, but nothing ever really quite stuck. Last summer during lockdown, I decided that I really wanted to do a podcast now. I came up with an idea of a semi-educational podcast about spooky topics, and…utterly failed. I felt so awkward talking to myself, and it was hard to strike a balance between sounding casual/conversational and actually having enough content to talk for more than 5 minutes. I quietly set my plans aside, knowing that this would be just another half-done abandoned project…

Fast foward to almost a year later, lying awake in the middle of the night thanks to a stomach bug, and I had a sudden flash of realization: what this podcast needed was a CO-HOST! You can’t have a chat-style show with just yourself, and I immediately thought that my delightful spooky friend Midge Munster would be perfect for the job. Luckily, she was totally down to embark on this adventure together.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably know that I’ve struggled with feeling creatively fulfilled…well, for a long time, but especially during the pandemic. It’s been so much fun to work on such a fun project with someone who is not only just as passionate about all things spooky but also just a hoot to create with. Collaboration really can make all the difference, and working with Midge is definitely a big part of what’s made this process so fun.

I’m a huge perfectionist, and it’s been really challenging to do something that’s so new. Writing is what I do…I feel confident in expressing myself that way (well, most of the time), but the audio medium is totally foreign to me. Several very dear friends have talked me down from pulling my hair out over things not being Completely Perfect from the beginning. Overall, I’m really happy with what we’ve created so far, and it’s made me feel more energized to keep going than anything I’ve worked on for a long time.

I hope that I have the opportunity to continue to develop my skills and make the podcast better and better, and I hope that you enjoy coming along with us! We have so many ideas for future episodes, so make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for a spooky ride.

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